The history of Ophthalmology Department of the

Tashkent Medical Academy

               In 1920 the State University of Central Asia was opened in Tashkent and eye diseases department was the part of medical faculty based in the corpus of the former Military hospital.

          The founder and first director of the State University of Central Asia of medical faculty of the eye diseases was professor Aleksandr Georgevich Trubin (1876— 1945). In 1920-1924 years he organized medical and pedagogical work as a director of chair

        leaf graphicAcross 1924-1932 years professor Aleksandr NikolaevichMurzin (1885-1954) held a chair. In 1931 eye diseases department moved from corpus of Tashkent Military Hospital to the third clinic of eye diseases department of Tashkent Medical Academy. Apart from improving pedagogic work, professor A.N. Murzin organized oftalmologicservices  for prevention and treatment trachoma, conjunctivitis and glaucoma diseases in the Khorezm, Kashkadarya and Korakhalpokistan regions. In 1926, he organized scientific society of ophthalmologists in order to train personnel staffand improve their qualification.

In 1932 professor Petr Fedorovich Arxangelski (1893—1959) came from Rostov, who was head of ophthalmology department until 1953.

He published more than 100 research works, including affects to the eyes of epidemic typhus, affects of brucellosis on the eyes and glaucoma.

leaf graphic       In 1936 P.F. Arxangelski organized station of prosthesis of the eyes and dispensary of thrachoma. He prepared two Doctors of Medicine and two Candidates of Medicine

           From 1953 to 1957 years professor Sofia Aleksevna Popova (1889-1961) wasappointed to a position of the head of the eye diseases department of the Tashkent Medical Institute.

She defended a dissertation of eye leishmaniasis and made a great contributions in studing of eye diseases problems. She wrote over 25 scientific works and prepared three Candidates of Medicine.

In 1957-1969 years The head of department was veteran of the World War II, leaf graphicthe first uzbek ophthalmologist  and candidate of medicine, dosent Turgun Yokybich Kosimov (1912-1972).

Along with therapeutic and pedagogic activities, he developed and realized in practice surgical methods of treatment of the eye pathology and was acknowledged as one of the best ophthalmologist in Uzbekistan. Trachoma, glaucoma and the eyes trauma became the main themes of his 40 scientific works. He prepared 3 candidates of medicine. Organisator and participant of struggle for liquidation of trachoma.

 In 1969 year in nomination of the heard of department was appointed the first woman aspirant, the first candidate of medicine and the first doctor of medicine in Central Asia, high-skilledclinicistand ophthalmosurgeon, professor Muxtaram Xamidovna (1921-2013).leaf graphic

She had over 150 scientific works and her works were dedicated to the eyes embryology, glaucoma, cataract and other actual problems.

In the Tashkent Medical academy was organized two eye diseases departments since 1976, in the first therapeutic faculty department professor, Honored scientist Uzbek Soviet Union Tatyana Georgevna Ilina(1920-2000) had been working for over 17 years as a head of eye diseases department. Her more than 120 scientific works were dedicated to microcirculation of the eye pathology, pathogenesis of glaucoma and its treatment. On top of that she prepared 16 candidates of medicine.

leaf graphicT.G. Ilina made great contribution for liquidation of trachoma and prevention of glaucoma in many regions of The Republic. For this purpose under her direction was opened cabinets of glaucoma in many regions of the Republic.

In 1990 after dividing The Tashkent State Medical Institute into The first and The second Tashkent State Medical Institutes, The head of the eye diseases  department of the first Tashkent State Medical Institute in 1991-2005 years was Candidate of medicine, docent Alisher Raximovich Khudoyberdiev

In 1991-2002 years he was the main ophthalmologist of the republic ministry of public health

leaf graphic

           The head of the ophthalmology department of the second Tashkent State Medical Institute was in 1990-1997 candidate of medicine, docent Teshavoy Nasarovich Avazov. Since 1997 year, the head of department of the second Tashkent State Medical Institute was Doctor of Medicine, professor Bakhritdinova Fazilat Orifovna.

         In 2005 After opening the Tashkent Medical Academy due to integration of the first and second Tashkent State medical Institute,Doctor of Medicine, professor Bakhritdinova Fazilat Аrifovna was elected as a head of the eye diseases department.

  leaf graphicProfessor Bakhritdinova Fazilat Аrifovna is a true member of ophthalmologists association of CIS and society of ophthalmologists of Turkic nations, on top of that she is achairwoman of scientific society of ophthalmologists, ENT-physicians and stomatologists  under the ministry of public health of Republic of Uzbekistan, vice-chairwoman of the General Specialized Council under the Tashkent Medical Academy, chairwoman of surgical section under central methodologicalcommission, expert of pharmacologicalcommittee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and member of national presidium of bioethics ofthe Republic of Uzbekistan. 

   Under F.A. Bakhritdinova initiative was published more than 200 scientific works, educationalguides  on top of that she is author of a number of inventions. Under her direction was prepared26 Candidates of medicine and 6 Doctors of medicine.

      Since 2014 the head of ophthalmology department of the Tashkent Medical Academy became Doctor of medicine, professor Bilalov ErkinNozimovich.

        Bilalov E.N. is a member of Dsc.28.12.2017.Tib.59.01 number scientific society under the Tashkent State Dental Institute and a member as well as secretary of the ophthalmology 14.00.08. under this society, the memberand scientific secretary  of monotematic society of ophthalmology under The ministry of public health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the active member of ophthalmology society of  Turkic language countries, the member of scientific society of the Tashkent Medical Academy. Under his direction was prepared 1 Candidate of Medicine and 25 high-qualified masters. He is the author of more than 100 scientific works, including pedagogical and methodological guides, patent for invention and was given certificate for rationalization proposal.

Nowadays in the ophthalmology department is leadingtothe following scientific works: “Complex examination of effectiveness of methods of treatment of some types of ophthalmo-phathology with inclusion of a new forms of preparation in ophthalmology practice and improvement of diagnostic methods and treatment of some types of eye diseases with development and inclusion of a new forms of preparation inophthalmology practice”.