The purposes and discipline problems.

Aim to train students in recognition of various diseases of eyes with accent on preventive maintenance of the given disease, communication of eye pathology with the general diseases of organism, with working conditions, life, with trade, allowing to plan ways of preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases and as to develop skills by technique of teaching of the given discipline.


To train in accessible rough methods of research of body of sight and visual functions for revealing of eye complications total somatic pathologies and diagnostics of congenital pathology of body of sight;
To learn to render first aid at urgent to the pathology of eyes and definition of indications to urgent hospitalization in eye hospital,
To train in methods of treatment of inflammatory diseases of conjunctiva and the eyelids not complicated disease;
Will train in revealing of indications for timely consultation at the ophthalmologist and to hospitalization in eye hospital;
-Train in methods ante – postnatal preventive maintenance of eye diseases and secondary preventive maintenance of eye complications total somatic diseases;
To train prophylactic medical examinations, antirecidivation in the general treatment at eye complications total somatic to pathology, principles of their rehabilitation;
To develop skills of carrying out of practical training, estimations of knowledge and preparation of education-methodical material.
Requirements to knowledge, skills on subject matter. According to the specified purposes and problems after the termination of studying of discipline

Should know:

Anatomy and physiology of the visual analyzer, the sight certificate
Visual functions, age dynamics of their development in children difference from indicators from those at adults
Activity of optical system and system of prompting, their function, anomaly of development, complication and preventive maintenance
Clinic of the congenital and got pathology of protective, additional and refracting departments of eyes, indications to consultation of the ophthalmologist and to hospitalization
Working condition and environment influence on occurrence of traumatism of eyes
Working condition and environment influence on occurrence and glaucoma current
Etiology, clinic, preventive maintenance and distribution conjunctivitis
Clinic of pathology of intraocular pressure, the indication to more emergency hospitalization and consultations in eye branch
Clinic of damages of eyeball and its appendages, the protective device, the indication to emergency hospitalization and consultation of the ophthalmologist
The nobility eye complications total somatic diseases, the indication to hospitalization in eye hospital, to consultation at the ophthalmologist
To know principal causes слабовидения and blindness at children and adults
To know methods of rehabilitation of eye diseases
The nobility primary both secondary preventive maintenance and prophylactic medical examination of eye illnesses, rehabilitation principles
Bases of pedagogical technologies.

Should be able to:

To diagnose the congenital and got pathology of average and internal covers of eye and optic nerve;
To distinguish tumor diseases of eyes, its appendages and optic nerve;
To reveal pathology of intraocular pressure (glaucoma congenital, primary, secondary and hypotonia of eyes);
To define damages of eyeball of its protective device (contusion, wound, burns, frostbite, the combined defeats, their complications);
To reveal eye complications total somatic diseases;
To render the first medical assistance at urgent the pathology and damages of body of sight;
To apply the got skills of carrying out of practical training

Should fix following skills:

Visual acuity definition
Research light sense
Colour sensation research
Control method of research of peripheral field of vision
Control method of research of binocular sight
Eye external examination at lateral illumination